Will Michelle Williams ever be over Heath?

Not if Us Weekly has anything to do with it. As Williams moves on with her new beau, Jason Segel, the media keeps digging up ghosts.

As you can see, the new issue of Us Weekly is doing its darndest to connect Michelle Williams’ current romance with Jason Segel to her previous romance with Heath Ledger. The move is  a little gross (can’t the man rest in peace?) and a lot obvious (Us is in the magazine-selling biz, and Michelle on her own doesn’t tend to move much paper).

I haven’t read the actual story, but the gist seems to be that Williams (who is mom to Ledger’s now-six-year-old daughter, Matilda Rose) doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes she made with Heath in her new relationship. Wait, I’m sorry — is Jason Segel also a troubled twenty-something with serious drug and depression issues??

Of course she doesn’t want to go back down that road and of course she will always wonder what could have been with Heath, but I’d say that’s where any connection ends. It’s been five years since Ledger’s death, so obviously Michelle has done a lot of maturing, and so far her relationship with the How I Met Your Mother star seems to be moving along swimmingly.

I guess just the fact that she has a boyfriend, especially one she is willing to date in public, is sort of a big deal. Remember she dated Spike Jonze shortly after Heath died, but later admitted it was too soon. Since then it has been pretty much a man drought — so much so that a lot of people started to assume that she and her BFF Busy Phillips were more than just friends.

(Speaking of Busy, I’m assuming that she is the connection between the new young lovers, since she starred with Segel on the amazing but underappreciated Freaks and Geeks.)

Anyway, despite Us’ claim that the big story here is Michelle doing everything she can to escape the ghost of Heath, I would say the real story is that she recently introduced her new beau to Matilda. This is definitely a big deal for a woman who has stated on umpteen occasions that being Matilda’s mom is the only thing that matters in her life… blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Click here to see snaps of Jason standing by while little Ledger plays on her scooter outside Michelle’s Brooklyn digs. Also note that Michelle is smoking in the date night photos. Guess someone isn’t a total goody-goody after all.