Holy speedy recovery, Batman! Heidi Klum already dating?

If this item is true – and why wouldn’t it be, coming from the rock-solid journalistic beacon that is The National Enquirer? – then our gal Heidi Klum is a hero to the heartbroken everywhere.

Apparently, just days after filing for divorce from musician husband Seal, the supermodel and reality TV star was seen canoodling (is that word officially over now, BTW?) with her Germany’s Next Top Model co-star and countryman Thomas Hayo over lunch in California.

Because nothing says “I am SO over it” more voluably than Niçoise salad with a side of luuurve, gallons of self-pitying ice cream be damned!

According to The Enquirer, Hayo – apparently a 40-something New York marketing exec and co-judge on Klum’s newest showbiz venture (that’s him pictured with Klum on-set) – was spotted feeding Heidi a nibble from a fork while gazing “deeply into her eyes and caressing her shapely thigh as the pair sat together at lunch.”

Jeesh, if this gossip thing doesn’t work out, the Enquirer scribe who penned this ought to seek employment with Harlequin Romance.

Anyhoo, an “insider” is quoted as saying, “They wanted to keep their romance a secret, but for staffers on the set, it was pretty obvious. They are flirting and act like a couple. He was all over her,’ said the source, ‘and Heidi didn’t seem to mind a bit!’

“After her recent split from Seal, the 38-year-old stunner said she was ready to ‘move forward’ with her life, but co-workers say it looks more like ‘fast forward.’”

Hahahahahaha! Love that. And sad as I am (along with the rest of the planet) that Heidi and Seal couldn’t make their marriage work despite seeming, for all appearances, to be The Most In-Love People in the World™, at least our gal isn’t moping around denying everyone the sunlight of her smile.

If if I were this Hayo fellow, I wouldn’t get my hopes up as this has all the trademarks of a classic rebound. Still, given a chance to score with Heidi Klum seems like a reasonable risk.