Alec Baldwin: Saved by yoga

New York paper gleefully fires back at hothead actor, suggests regular asanas.

Hilaria Thomas and Alec Baldwin attend the 2012 NFL Honors at the Murat Theatre on February 4, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana, courtesy Getty Images.
You wouldn’t think it possible to add another chapter to the story of yoga, which already spans the globe and the millennia. And yet, there is. In addition to helping the great unwashed combat stress and get fit, yoga has also been able to do what Kim Basinger could not: save Alec Baldwin from himself.

Evidently, 54-year-old Baldwin’s recent engagement to 28-year-old yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas – and his presumed participation in the practice – has the LuluLemon set all a-twitter, suggesting that Baldwin’s legendary hot temper is certain to be assuaged by regular sessions of downward dog and camel.


The New York Daily News cheekily quotes several yogis in the Manhattan area who insist regular practice will imbue the actor with the kind of calm apparently lacking in his tweets and beyond, resulting in a happier man (though contentment often augurs poorly for the creativity, but we digress).

This, of course, is the same New York Daily News that felt Baldwin’s wrath earlier this week when a photographer and reporter camped outside Thomas’ studio to catch a snap of the instructor and her swanky new diamond engagement ring.

Baldwin tweeted: “Shame on the no-talent trash from the Daily News for invading the privacy of 75 people in a yoga class to take a picture of someone. Rest in Peace, the New York Daily News, which was once a good newspaper. Now run by the same trash that runs the New York Post.”

Them’s fighting words – and there were more issued by Baldwin throughout the day – but clearly, the NYDN has decided to turn the other cheek and focus on the potential stress-fighting benefits of yoga that surely await the newly betrothed actor. The rag even goes so far as to suggest optimum poses for Baldwin (tee hee).

“It’s very good for releasing stress,” the paper quotes Jennifer Lobo, co-owner of Bikram Yoga NYC, as saying.

Lobo said she’d also make the half-tortoise pose an integral part of Baldwin’s routine. To perform the half tortoise, yogis sit on their knees and lie forward with their hands extended in front of them.

“When you bring your head below your heart, it slows down your heart rate,” said Lobo. “It’s a calming posture.”

As the NYDN notes, last December, the 30 Rock star was kicked off an American Airlines flight after a heated confrontation with a flight attendant who told him to turn off his Words with Friends game.

And, of course, the most infamous incident of all happened back in 2007 when Baldwin left a ranting voicemail message for his daughter Ireland that was leaked and for which Baldwin apologized, citing a nasty dispute with Ireland’s mom, his ex-wife Basinger.

In this round, it looks like NYDN – one, Baldwin – nil. Don’t worry… we’ll keep watching. And Namaste.