Tom Cruise claims he will spend Christmas with all three of his kids

Tom Cruise made major headlines through the fall for all of the time he spent removed from his beloved six-year-old Suri. There was even some speculation that the Church of Sci was responsible for the lack of daddy-daughter time. But then (thank Xenu!), all was well again when Little Cruise made a top-secret trip to London to spend American Thanksgiving with dad.

And now it seems Tom has made another significant stride in the tooth and nail battle for Suri’s affection totally mature divorce proceedings.

Speaking with People magazine at the premier of his new movie Jack Reacher, Tom revealed that he will be spending Christmas with all three of his children. “We are all going to be together. I am looking forward to it,” says Cruise.

The actor also revealed that he already has a lot of “special plans” in the works, which I’m guessing are pretty darn special given that we’re talking about a man who rents out Disney Land at the drop of a hat.

Tom made no mention of his former Mrs., Katie Holmes, though I very much doubt she will be joining in the Very Cruisey Christmas festivities. I’m sort of surprised that she let her ex have Suri on both Christmas and Thanksgiving. In fact, I’m almost wondering if Tom might be practicing a little bit of “if you build it, it will come” type wishful thinking.

Picture it: Suri Cruise picks up a copy of People magazine (what—you don’t think Suri reads People—please!) She reads a story about how she will be spending a fun-filled Christmas with her brother and sister and her dad who she probably loves a lot despite his arguably crazy antics.

All of a sudden Katie looks like a big grinch.

I’m probably wrong, but remember this is the same man who bought a home sonogram machine so he could personally track his wife’s pregnancy—Tom Cruise does not relinquish control without a fight. This whole leaving Suri with Katie thing may very well have been his way of installing a false sense of security before he swoops in to fight the custody battle of the century.