There are some people who reek. And there are some who reek of desperation. Considering Jennifer Love Hewittdabs vanilla on her neck to attract guys, I think we all know which column she falls under.

Poor J.Love. Sweet, adorable J.Love. She’s beautiful, nice and down-to-earth, yet sadly, her singlehood has become a bit of a joke. Maybe it’s because she’s too open, or maybe she just doesn’t care what people think; in any case, her go-to topic is her love life (or lack of one) and her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (viaPeople) was no different.

The actress is promoting her new TV series, The Client List, and dished about her latest crush: Adam Levine.

“I am very single,” said Jennifer (so I guess she’s not dating her co-star). When Ellen asked if she had her eye on anybody, the unfiltered actress “jokingly” replied, “I just read two days ago that Adam Levine is single again. I’m just saying… Look, we would be cute.”

Yeah, yeah, it’s a cute clip, and if it were anybody else, I’d think it was funny. But you know deep down, Hewitt is really hoping Ellen will somehow make a love connection for her and Levine, who just split from his model girlfriend, Anne Vyalitsyna, of two years.

Jen and Adam? I just don’t see it. She seems as sweet and innocent as a basket full of baby bunnies. Adam is a notorious ladies’ man who recently admitted that he often has unprotected sex. Just… no, Jennifer. NO. She needs to stop hunting down Bachelors, and telling the world about her pre-selected engagement rings and vajazzling habits. Otherwise Love’s going to mess any chance she has at love and just keep scaring away any prospective boyfriends.

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