Olive Barrymore Kopelman makes her magazine debut. 

Good on Drew Barrymore. The new mom waited a record nine weeks before accepting buckets of gold to put her baby daughter on the cover of People magazine, beating the previous record holder, Snooki, by nine weeks.

In the cover photo, the actress looks enraptured by little Olive Barrymore Kopelman, the latest addition to the legendary Barrymore acting clan.

And Olive, in the eternally wise words of Dlisted’s Michael K, looks like a baby.

I’m sure she will grow up to be a beautiful, awesome and talented person because Drew is all of these things and she’s the one who will be raising her. Not to mention how she’s been through the ringer and come out brilliantly on the other side. She’ll know how to steer her daughter right amid all the young-person hazards of Hollywood.

It’s also very sweet to hear her transfer her habitual sunny enthusiasm over to motherhood. Observe:

“I really wanted a wonderful traditional home for my kid… Will comes from a strong family, he provides a strong family … For people who didn’t have the strongest families or traditional families, if you can create that, you can have a second chance. It just makes me so emotional because it’s like a miracle,” she told the magazine.

“One of Barrymore and Kopelman’s favorite things? Singing ‘Good Morning’ from Singin’ in the Rain to get little Olive to smile. Says the actress: ‘It’s like the biggest crush I’ve ever had in my life!’” [via People.]

See? Who else would describe their baby that way? No one, that’s who.

Celebrity baby photo spreads are generally one-note features. I mean, there are only so many ways for a famous person to talk about how magical and amazing and special motherhood is.

But with Drew it feels a little different. Considering the incredibly difficult relationship she had with her own mother, there’s something a bit redemptive and healing about it.