Madonna wants to kiss Britney again

It’s been nine years since Madonna and Britney Spears shared that much-hyped — but in hindsight, fairly tame — lip-lock at the VMAs, but it looks like Madge wants to go back in time. Or, more likely, try and get more attention for her new album.

It all started with an innocent tweet from Britney, who said she loved Madonna’s new album. Her Madgesty only joined Twitter last week — in what was supposed to be a one-day-only treat for fans — but even she couldn’t deny the addiction of 140 characters. Madonna responded to Spears’ tweet in her typical provocative way:

Madonna MDNA Day@MadonnaMDNAday

@britneyspears please come on stage and kiss me again. I miss you!!

Britney replied with a naughty, “Tempting…,” which prompted Madonna to inquire, “Are you gonna make me work for this?” Britney coyly tweeted back, “Why of course!”

Poor Christina Aguilera. Page Six pointed out that the Voice mentor, who was also involved in that three-way smooching stunt, was not part of the Twitter conversation. Madonna and Brit’s banter will undoubtedly have many wondering if the two are planning to hook up (professionally, of course) again soon, but I don’t think so. Madge just wanted to bring attention to her new album — and mission accomplished. She may be new to Twitter, but she’s an old pro when it comes to promoting herself.…

Scarlett stays cool in the face of scandal

There’s no denying Scarlett Johansson is sexy — but I bet the last thing she may have wanted is to be used to sell erotic toys and porn.

An adult superstore called VIP — in Calexico, Calif., near the Mexican border — is using a picture of a scantily clad ScarJo on its business cards. TMZ first reported on the story yesterday, and upon asking the store manager about it, he replied, “What does it have to do with the business card? I don’t know who Scarlett Johansson is.” Silly man.

When the manager was properly informed of the actress’ identity, he said, “The owner ordered cards from a company and said we need something with a girl on the card and the company did it.” But rather than go bananas over being some random girl whose pretty pic is helping sell sex toys, lotions and “lubricante,” Johansson is laughing it off, reports E! News.

“I applaud TMZ’s, once again, award-winning investigative journalism for securing the knowledge of my legions of Mexican fans.”

Ha! So I guess Scar isn’t rushing to have her picture be removed from the cards, though I’m sure her publicist might have something to say about that. If this was someone else (ahem, Kim Kardashian), the store owner would have already been sent a letter demanding her image be taken down.

Thankfully, Scarlett is sexy and she knows it. She hasn’t let fame get to her, has kept her sense of humour intact and probably gets a kick out of a shot of her wearing a black bra, white unbuttoned shirt and tiny shorts is selling naughty playthings.

Spoon, cocaine residue suggest Whitney Houston OD’d: autopsy report

Whitney Houston used cocaine immediately prior to her death, and remnants of the drug were found at the scene, according to the final autopsy report issued by the L.A. County Coroner. There’s also evidence listed that suggests the singer could have died as the result of a drug overdose, yet drowning remains the official cause of death.

It’s the coroner’s references to “a spoon with a white crystal-like substance on it” — later determined to be cocaine residue — that quashes rumours that Houston’s Beverly Hills hotel room was somehow swept of drug evidence before the arrival of paramedics and police.

Released yesterday, the report on Whitney’s Feb. 11 death noted the presence of the coke spoon, a rolled up piece of paper and, elsewhere in her room at the Beverly Hilton, “remnants of a white powdery substance and a portable mirror on a base.”

The coroner chief  had stated previously that Houston had cocaine in her system when she died, along with marijuana, allergy medicine and Xanax. This final report goes further, suggesting that she possibly “overdosed on a narcotic substance, prescription medications, over the counter medications and alcohol.”

A more detailed look at the report indicates that Whitney’s assistant returned from a shopping trip to find the singer face down in the bathtub, which the coroner says was filled with 93.5 degree (“extremely hot”) water. Her assistant and bodyguard attempted CPR and asked the hotel reception to call 911; Houston’s body had been moved from the bath to the living room floor when paramedics arrived. The report details a “bloody purge coming from her nose.”

The earlier stories about the lack of drug residue or evidence in the room, despite the signs of recent cocaine use in Whitney’s system, sparked speculations about a cover-up — no thanks to certain self-promoting hangers-on in the singer’s midst. In fact, detectives had secured the contents of the room in the immediate investigation.

Less clear is how and why Houston’s death officially stays on the books as a drowning — though, when an addict with heart disease ends up alone and in a tub of water during an overdose, what’s the point in splitting hairs between bad health, bad drugs and bad luck.

Poll-ywood: Does Cameron Diaz look young or just creepy?

Cameron Diaz claims she is at peace with Mother Nature. The 39-year-old actress, who was dating A-Rod at this time last year and is currently single-ish, recently spoke with Vanity Fair about turning the big 4-0, and appears to be welcoming middle age with open (and obscenely buff) arms.

“I would never be 25 years old again!,” says Cam. “I think it is silly to wish for that sort of thing. I am not afraid about being 40. When I was 20, I wanted to be 30. When I was 30 I dreamed about being 40.”

A nice sentiment, sure, but do you buy it? I don’t think there is any question that Cam has done something to her face. I’m not sure if it’s injections, chemical peels or the almighty knife, but regardless, her actions don’t seem to match up with her words.

Cam also explains to VF that she “looks younger” than her natural age “because [she] exercises daily.” First off, isn’t looking good for your age something that someone else should point out? Making that kind of observation about yourself is evidence of either extreme narcissism or extreme insecurity, and if you don’t think these emotions are compatible, then you clearly don’t know a lot about famous women.

Furthermore, I’m not sure that Cam does look especially young. She certainly has a bangin’ body for 40, but that would be true even if she were 20. Looking young is not the same thing as looking hot, and can someone who is so clearly pinched also claim to look young? I’m not so sure.

Lindsay Lohan’s etiquette is lacking

Or Charlie Sheen’s thank you card got lost in the mail.

Remember when Charlie Sheen surprised us by giving Lindsay Lohan the nothing-to-sneeze-at sum of $100,000 to help her out of the pickle she’s in with the IRS? Well apparently he never received a thank you. Are you shocked? You’re not shocked at all, are you?

“I’m still waiting for a text to say ‘thank you,'” Sheen told Entertainment Tonight, “Anything, you know?” What?! Lindsay hasn’t even bothered to punch a “thx for the 100k/kthx bye!” message into her Blackberry, find Sheen in her contacts list and hit send? Wow. That would take up, what, 30 seconds of her day? I’m well aware that it’s LiLo we’re talking about here, but to not thank a friend who forked over six figures? That’s a new low (or an old Lohan). I’ve got a $25 Shoppers Drug Mart gift card that I haven’t thanked my grandmother for yet and the guilt is eating me alive.

Yet Sheen, who also recently donated $75,000 to a Hermosa Beach Police Department fund set up to help one of the officers’ daughters battle a nasty form of childhood cancer, doesn’t hold Lohan’s bad manners against her. Charlie calls Lindsay “a very good and decent young lady that is just going through a lot.” I don’t know what’s more generous—the money he gave Lindsay, or that incredibly understanding comment.

Sheen thinks that Lohan will weather the rough patch(es) she’s going through and eventually become a productive member of society. “She just needs a little bit of time,” says Charlie, “People need to give her time to get her s**t together.” But once (or if) she does, how much time will it take for people to actually believe it?

Michael Douglas brokering DeVito-Perlman reconciliation

Radar claims the actor is hell-bent on reuniting the estranged pair. 

Hooray for Michael Douglas! The veteran actor is single-handedly trying to rescue love and not just by proving that, despite absolutely no historical precedent, an obscenely wealthy, older man can land a much younger, beautiful wife.

No. This time, Michael is channeling his formidable love-rescuing efforts into saving the marriage of Danny DeVitoand Rhea Perlman, a couple whose dramatic split this past October resonated like a bullet tearing through the upper left thigh of happily ever after.

Radar Online reports that the Oscar-winning star is urging the former marrieds to give their union another shot, because, like everyone else in the entire universe could tell them, they are meant to be together and the world will not be right until they reunite.

“When Michael found out Danny and Rhea were splitting up he told Danny he thought he was making a big mistake,” a source who may or may not be connected to Michael’s publicity team tells Radar.

“Michael loves Rhea and he told Danny he will never find another woman quite like her. They complement each other perfectly and are the best of friends.

 “He said he should do whatever it takes to win Rhea back and come to his senses fast before it is too late. It’s because of Michael they are talking to each other.”

Naturally, much of this depends on Rhea’s willingness to put up with Danny’s notorious and somewhat creepy wandering eye. Creepy because… well, when one thinks of an insatiable sex monster, Danny DeVito is quite possibly the last image one wishes to conjure up.

But Michael is reportedly convinced he can help broker a peace agreement between the two and has casually let it slip that the two are now back in communication thanks to his mediation skills.

“They are still trying to work things out, and for the moment they are just good friends, but they are heading in the right direction,” the source continues.

“Michael is well positioned to talk about marriage. He’s been with Catherine (Zeta-Jones) for 12 years now and he learned a lot from his failed first marriage to Diandra (Luker).”

I don’t care if this is a well-positioned bit of PR fluff. Make it happen, Michael! Love is depending on you.