Ever noticed how reading between the lines of some stories ends up yielding the most telling information? That’s certainly true in the saga of Leonard Taylor, former bodyguard to Mark Wahlberg, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis and others who is apparently about to unleash a scathing memoir accusing his former employers of desertion and poor treatment.

According to a story in the New York Daily News, Taylor, 43, “feels ‘used’ by a number of his former clients and is almost finished with a memoir… that will even the score.” Oh, dear.

“Why should I respect their privacy when they don’t care about me?” Taylor is quoted as saying before setting out a laundry of complaints.

Chief among them: with the exception of Willis, his famous former clients abandoned him when he battled drug addiction, depression and homelessness from 2004-05 and, more recently, from 2008-11 (though the story doesn’t indicate what Taylor was expecting).

Now here comes the read-between-the-lines action. Of Wahlberg, the NYDN quotes Taylor as saying he “filled my head with dreams and then kicked me to the curb. I spent three-and-a-half years [protecting him] and he didn’t pay me a dime.”

Sorry to be cynical but wouldn’t most rational working people have been out the door at the one-month mark when no payment for services rendered had materialized? The three-month mark, surely, but three years and your employer is a bazillionaire movie star?

Why would anyone continue working for someone for three years for free… unless maybe (sorry, sorry, cynicism again) they were starstruck hangers-on who maybe, just maybe, had access to illicit things otherwise not available to the average Joe? Just asking.

Taylor claims Wahlberg promised to take care of him but their relationship ended in 2001 when the two got into a headlines-making fight outside a downtown Manhattan club over what Taylor, an African-American, says was a racially insensitive remark, according to the NYDN.

As for Thurman — whom Taylor famously rescued from a stalled Manhattan elevator in 2006 where she was trapped with seven others while shooting The Accidental Husband — Taylor says she “was the nicest person in the world for 24 hours” but then “went back to being nasty and cold.”

Her attitude “just sucked the life out of me,” he says. Wow. Really? What next… she’s dead at recess?

I mean, seriously, what does this guy expect? Granted, being nice counts but given his own admitted problems with substance abuse and homelessness, it’s not a leap in logic to think Taylor might have been a wee bit volatile as an employee.

Maybe that’s the point: he thought he was more than an employee. Anyway, the NYDN says the book is “90% done,” and Taylor will shop the manuscript for a publisher upon completion, adding that the book will also delve into the shady practices and racist undertones of the nightlife scene.

And presumably, Wahlberg and Thurman will roll over and go back to sleep.