Photo Opp: Meet Drew Barrymore’s little girl

Olive Barrymore Kopelman makes her magazine debut. 

Good on Drew Barrymore. The new mom waited a record nine weeks before accepting buckets of gold to put her baby daughter on the cover of People magazine, beating the previous record holder, Snooki, by nine weeks.

In the cover photo, the actress looks enraptured by little Olive Barrymore Kopelman, the latest addition to the legendary Barrymore acting clan.

And Olive, in the eternally wise words of Dlisted’s Michael K, looks like a baby.

I’m sure she will grow up to be a beautiful, awesome and talented person because Drew is all of these things and she’s the one who will be raising her. Not to mention how she’s been through the ringer and come out brilliantly on the other side. She’ll know how to steer her daughter right amid all the young-person hazards of Hollywood.

It’s also very sweet to hear her transfer her habitual sunny enthusiasm over to motherhood. Observe:

“I really wanted a wonderful traditional home for my kid… Will comes from a strong family, he provides a strong family … For people who didn’t have the strongest families or traditional families, if you can create that, you can have a second chance. It just makes me so emotional because it’s like a miracle,” she told the magazine.

“One of Barrymore and Kopelman’s favorite things? Singing ‘Good Morning’ from Singin’ in the Rain to get little Olive to smile. Says the actress: ‘It’s like the biggest crush I’ve ever had in my life!’” [via People.]

See? Who else would describe their baby that way? No one, that’s who.

Celebrity baby photo spreads are generally one-note features. I mean, there are only so many ways for a famous person to talk about how magical and amazing and special motherhood is.

But with Drew it feels a little different. Considering the incredibly difficult relationship she had with her own mother, there’s something a bit redemptive and healing about it.

Scarlett stays cool in the face of scandal

There’s no denying Scarlett Johansson is sexy — but I bet the last thing she may have wanted is to be used to sell erotic toys and porn.

An adult superstore called VIP — in Calexico, Calif., near the Mexican border — is using a picture of a scantily clad ScarJo on its business cards. TMZ first reported on the story yesterday, and upon asking the store manager about it, he replied, “What does it have to do with the business card? I don’t know who Scarlett Johansson is.” Silly man.

When the manager was properly informed of the actress’ identity, he said, “The owner ordered cards from a company and said we need something with a girl on the card and the company did it.” But rather than go bananas over being some random girl whose pretty pic is helping sell sex toys, lotions and “lubricante,” Johansson is laughing it off, reports E! News.

“I applaud TMZ’s, once again, award-winning investigative journalism for securing the knowledge of my legions of Mexican fans.”

Ha! So I guess Scar isn’t rushing to have her picture be removed from the cards, though I’m sure her publicist might have something to say about that. If this was someone else (ahem, Kim Kardashian), the store owner would have already been sent a letter demanding her image be taken down.

Thankfully, Scarlett is sexy and she knows it. She hasn’t let fame get to her, has kept her sense of humour intact and probably gets a kick out of a shot of her wearing a black bra, white unbuttoned shirt and tiny shorts is selling naughty playthings.

Lindsay Lohan’s etiquette is lacking

Or Charlie Sheen’s thank you card got lost in the mail.

Remember when Charlie Sheen surprised us by giving Lindsay Lohan the nothing-to-sneeze-at sum of $100,000 to help her out of the pickle she’s in with the IRS? Well apparently he never received a thank you. Are you shocked? You’re not shocked at all, are you?

“I’m still waiting for a text to say ‘thank you,'” Sheen told Entertainment Tonight, “Anything, you know?” What?! Lindsay hasn’t even bothered to punch a “thx for the 100k/kthx bye!” message into her Blackberry, find Sheen in her contacts list and hit send? Wow. That would take up, what, 30 seconds of her day? I’m well aware that it’s LiLo we’re talking about here, but to not thank a friend who forked over six figures? That’s a new low (or an old Lohan). I’ve got a $25 Shoppers Drug Mart gift card that I haven’t thanked my grandmother for yet and the guilt is eating me alive.

Yet Sheen, who also recently donated $75,000 to a Hermosa Beach Police Department fund set up to help one of the officers’ daughters battle a nasty form of childhood cancer, doesn’t hold Lohan’s bad manners against her. Charlie calls Lindsay “a very good and decent young lady that is just going through a lot.” I don’t know what’s more generous—the money he gave Lindsay, or that incredibly understanding comment.

Sheen thinks that Lohan will weather the rough patch(es) she’s going through and eventually become a productive member of society. “She just needs a little bit of time,” says Charlie, “People need to give her time to get her s**t together.” But once (or if) she does, how much time will it take for people to actually believe it?